Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Word from The Sermon

This is what De Piggy took from today's sermon: The baby Jesus in the manger is every homeless child you see this Christmas. Any gift you could give to one such child would be your gift to God. Have a peaceful Sunday!


Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-Thanks for the carrot cake recipie. Like I said, I will try your version since the other seems a bit dangerous on one's cholesteral.
It's sad to see adults homeless much less children homeless.

Later this evening, my family and I will be celebrating our Christmas since my sister and family will be going to Puerto Rico and my daughter leaving to spend it with her Dad in Nassau. So today I baked the ham, (I made sure it wasn't a relative Miss P)LOL, and macaroni and cheese-first thing this morning. It is now 3:30 and I'm pooped already.
Anyway, have a great rest of the Sunday.

Abeni said...

Overslept this morning and was to lazy to rush to go to church.Seems like Miss M don't miss church at all eh:)

Melody said...

Sunshine, if mi did live near yu, me woulda gladly sample a slice ov yu ham--Piggy relative or not! (lol) Yeah, one whole cup ov coconut oil did seem like too much to me too, so it's good that you're goin' to substitute it like I did. Enjoy your early Christmas to the fullest, mi dear, and safe travels to your daughter and your other relatives.
Kami, whenever ah don't get to church ah listen to de live radio broadcast wif mi family--still, bein' there in person is definitely better; and my attendance does tend to improve around this time ov de year! :-)